Sunday, January 4, 2015

Children Dying in Indian Country due to TRIBAL GOV'T corruption - Help 'Kickstart" book - True Story

Drug abuse, Tribal gov't corruption, crime and child abuse rampant in Indian Country: Help 'Kickstart' this must-read true story under a new, active publisher.

Educate the general public and save lives - Lobbyist Jack Abramoff went to jail, but those who paid him and those who received his money did not. Tribal corruption and the paying off of Congressmen did not end with Abramoff. 

Our children - the children of Americans of every heritage across the nation - are now affected by corrupt federal Indian policy as tribal leaders have gotten not just Congressmen, but now Eric Holder and the BIA, to either create law or "regulations" that require courts to give jurisdiction of children of even the smallest amount of tribal heritage to tribal governments - who get more money per head. 

SD Senator Abourezk was the one who, following Wounded Knee, assisted AIM leaders and pushed for creation of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, pushed for the Indian Child Welfare

Act, and even had Russell Means working for him - on the Senator's payroll - WHILE Means was currently incarcerated for his crimes. 

Eric Holder announced on December 3, 2014, and DOI Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Kevin Washburn announced more recently that they "will work to strengthen Indian families by finalizing new Indian child welfare guidelines for state courts and embarking on an effort to develop regulations that carry the force of law.” Eric Holder had stated that he would find ways to make it "permanent" - so that subsequent Congress's wouldn't be able to change it easily. 

Yes - it is true - and an increasing number of people are being affected as tribal leaders feign they are doing this for the "good" of the children. 

It is NOT about the good of the children. It is about power and money - period. Please help this book get out into the public. You will receive a copy of the book with an $11 donation. - 

You can receive a copy with an $11 donation toward the publication.



Unknown said...

Business as usual in Indian Country. Help stop the civil injustice, lies, and corruption.



I appreciate all of your concern, and efforts to bring these atrocities to light - we must ALL work together to bring civil justice.

Thank you,

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Fashions Encore said...

Please help us, we are being tormented by ICWA! Our case has never been addressed, biological tribal member father and biological mother were OF 3 children die at the same time and ICWA is trying to take them from us, family members just because we aren't tribal members. Here's our story

Beth Ward said...

Fashions Encore - Reading your website right now. We understand your situation. So many children and families have gone through this - and continue to go through it. Please write to right away. They have helped stop two tribes for two separate families this last week. They can never guarantee anything - but they will do everything they can.